Men slippers

Handmade Moroccan babouches slippers for men

A selection of Moroccan handmade slippers from naturally tanned leather. Moroccan shoes that you'll love to wear everyday.

Royal Fez Slippers Royal Fez Slippers 2

Royal Fez Slippers

2 Reviews

The Royal Fez babouche slipper is a traditional symbol of this city. Very appreciated for its authentic look and its embroideries, this moroccan shoe is entirely hand-crafted with quality leather...

Alibaba babouche Slippers Alibaba babouche Slippers 2

Alibaba Slippers

6 Reviews

Alibaba babouche slippers handcrafted in a family run worshop from naturally tanned leather. Made in the heart of the medina of Marrakesh, these moroccan shoes are hand stitched and embellished...

Aladdin leather Slippers Aladdin leather Slippers 2

Aladdin Slippers

8 Reviews

Traditional and comfortable, this moroccan shoe remains one of the most emblematic slippers of the city of Marrakech. Very appreciated for its vegetable-tanned leather and entirely hand stitched,...

Belgha Moroccan Slippers Belgha Moroccan Slippers 2

Belgha Slippers

2 Reviews

Moroccan slippers handmade in a family workshop in the heart of the medina of Marrakech from a 100% finest quality sheepskin, naturally tanned. With their rounded toe, these leather Babouche are...

Snake leather Slippers

Snake Slippers


Combining tradition and modernity, these babouches slippers with their unique design which remain the same tradionnal slippers worn specially during festivities. They are handmade in the city of...

Tafraoute leather babouche slippers Tafraoute leather babouche slippers 2

Tafraoute Slippers


Handmade Berber shoe designed using traditional vegetable based leather tanning. Very comfortable, this Berber slipper is entirely hand stitched using leather strips. An elegant Moroccan babouche...

Berber Babouche Mules Berber Babouche Mules 2

Berber Mules


Handmade Berber shoes with finest quality leather. Behind its ethnic and distinguished image, it is comfort which takes priority with its leather insole naturally tanned. Made in a family workshop...

Dambira Slippers Dambira Slippers 2

Taroudant Slippers

5 Reviews
$27 $30

Traditionally worn in south of Morocco, Taroudant slippers are handmade from finest quality sheepskin naturally worked in family workshops in the heart of the medina of Marrakech. These Moroccan...

Marrakchi Mules Marrakchi Mules 2

Marrakchi Mules


Bring a moroccan touch to your outfits with these Marrakchi babouches slippers. They are handmade in the heart of the medina of Marrakech from locally produced leather by a small family-run...