Travel bags

our shop places at your disposal a unit essential bags 100% leather for your voyages

Adventure Bag Adventure Bag 2

Adventure Bag


bag of voyage design, entirely at the same time robust leatherand with the perfect completions. Realized starting from a leather of great quality, this bagreveal all the knowledge to make Moroccan...

satchel Alexander leather satchel Alexander leather 2

satchel Alexander leather


Superb Alexander satchel entirely leather, drawn and manufactured in workshops of Marrakech. It can be carried with the hand, the shoulder or in shoulder-belt. Comprise a principal compartment...

Vanessa voyage bag Vanessa voyage bag 2

Vanessa voyage bag


bag with indicates neat ideal for your voyages. Guarantee 100% leather, this small bag will accompany you everywhere. In addition to the compartment principal, this bag is provided with two...

bag of voyage DILIGENCE bag of voyage DILIGENCE 2

bag of voyage DILIGENCE


Large bag of super voyage smart, at the same time design and robust. Very practical, it is ideal for all your voyages. Guarantee 100% leather, with the natural tanning. This bag is built...