bag Alwane Khitt bag Alwane Khitt 2

Alwane Bag


handbag Alwane Khitt is a bag super tendency very light and entirely made leather.Thanks to its closing pressure, its size is entirely adjustable.tanning natural and worked by qualified craftsmen-...

Btanna bag Btanna bag 2

Btanna bag


handbag entirely leather with hand made round handles leather bag with the perfect completions thanks to a leather of quality. This very practical bag is entirely doubled leather is robust and...

Bag Mkhayat Bag Mkhayat 2

Bag Mkhayat


bag shoulder-belt tendency, entirely leather with an adjustable cord thanks to its strap.Outside entirely bent with the hand, encrusted with a rosette to the perfect completions. An inside pocket....

Lf'na Bag Lf'na Bag 2

Lf'na Bag


smart super bag with the leather of great quality and the perfect completions. Conceived by craftsmen of Marrakech who put all their knowledge to makenecessary to its realization. The interior is...

bag of voyage DILIGENCE bag of voyage DILIGENCE 2

bag of voyage DILIGENCE


Large bag of super voyage smart, at the same time design and robust. Very practical, it is ideal for all your voyages. Guarantee 100% leather, with the natural tanning. This bag is built...