** Some characteristics and properties of cedar **

 some properties of wood of thuya

The Tree of Thuya

The Thuja is a tree of the coniferous family, close to the cedar, which grows only in Morocco, specifically in the Atlas Mountains (Essaouira, Azemour, Idaoutanane ...). It is an evergreen tree, and thick branches characterized by a unique arrangement of the branches. The cedar, rare, dense and aromatic, is unique among all other types of exotic woods.


Quality of the wood of Thuja

The cedar, special and luxurious, is a hardwood recognized by its dark red speckled with small groups of point dark brown and sometimes pattern of veins of golden color. The qualities on this wood is its hardness, its rarity, the hundreds of textures he has the luxury of his appearance, he shows very good polish after polishing, and finally the beautiful smell almost aphrodisiac that exotic wood releases

Availability of cedar
This rare wood is not found elsewhere except in MOROCCO. Therefore its use is controlled, and its export, raw or cut to size, is strictly prohibited. Use of this wood became strictly regulated by the government which made access to this wood very difficult.
The craftsmen of cedar are a lot of problems trying to get parts or slices of cedar appropriate to their creations. The parties most beautiful, hard and well textured cedar wood, are those from the root block. Unfortunately, because of its presence in the ground very long, and in most cases, the block of cedar root has several defects such as cracks, porosity caused by rainwater, internal holes, the presence of stones ... and so on. But the blocks intact root work beautiful handicrafts.


Product quality by Thuya
The majority of products crafted cedar wood are classified as luxury goods, such as: accessories class cars, trophies, cigar boxes luxury brand pens, boxes packing luxury shoes. .. etc..
The beautiful wood-textured cedar root and the limited number of craftsmen able to work this wood make products made in cedar very unique and irresistible charm, as well as presenting the finest and best gifts worthy of be treasured forever.


Manufacturing in Thuya
The process of making different types of cedar products is very delicate and requires several hours of hard work. This process also requires the greatest possible attention and skill, especially with regard to the choice of wood used, the measuring, cutting, sorting parts, the choice of design, collage, the adjustment openings The work of wire, paint, and finally polishing.
The same attention and ability is required for products manufactured by turning especially to avoid damaging the wood, and to make the opening and closing measure.
Decoration products Thuya
The decor of cedar products is made using a variety of products including:
- The wood of yellow lime, cut into small pieces of different shapes.
- The wood of lime black this wood, later yellowish, has undergone this transformation by a process very delicate and surprising: the architects of cedar wood cut lime slices of 0.5 to 1 cm thick, they fry in oil already used to fry the fish they buy from restaurants or homes in the area. They fry the slices of lime on a strong fire for hours until color change of wood in black on the outside and from within. After use and polishing a beautiful polished result. Sometimes, because of a little neglect, the oil caught fire and slices of lime, and the artisan suffers loss of both.
- The ebony wood, used in small parts of different shapes.
- The silver wire, we work to achieve various designs (leaves, fruits, geometric shapes or other art forms) on the surface of products.
- The paint used to paint the surfaces especially surrounded by silver wire, or by the timber file. Usually they are red and green are used the most.
- The mother of pearl, cut into small pieces square or circular, with a beautiful glow.


Polishing products Thuya
The process of polishing products cedar is as delicate as their making: In addition to products used for this purpose: wax, sandpaper, alcohol, oil, shellac, cotton polishing cloth, the artisan will pass and repass the liquid mixture gently polishing the surfaces of the piece crafted hundreds of times until you reach the desired high polish, thus releasing the beautiful textures of the cedar.
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