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  • Little Princess Slippers

  • Agadir lantern
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    Superb Moroccan wrought iron lantern.Worked and engraved by craftsmen of Marrakech.It will bring the cordial environment of Morocco to you.

  • Medina Sandals
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  • Handmade leather Medina Backpack
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  • Yellow Kilim leather Backpack
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  • Besace Yusufya
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  • Traditional moroccan carpet hand made by Berber families from natural wool

    Beautiful Berber carpet entirely woven by hand in accordance with the Berber traditions.The Mrirt carpet  is characterized by its colors red yellow and blue often of plant...

  • Soussia Babouche Slippers from Morocco
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    Want to bring a colorful touch to your outfit ? Moroccan-market offers you this authentic babouche slipper beautified with berber embroideries. Very comfortable slippers...

  • Dambira Babouches Mules
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    $28.00 $26.00
  • Nouara Moroccan leather bag
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  • magnifique vase de Safi
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    Splendid Moroccan terra cotta vase with the traditional furnace.Enamelled painted and varnished with the hand by Masters potters of the town of Safi.decoration: Eastern...