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  • Moroccan silver pouf
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    Moroccan Pouf vintage made by craftsmen in Marrakech. This pouf will bring a Moroccan touch to your home and quickly found its place in your living room for relaxation....

  • Traditional pouf in orange
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  • Agadir Sandals handmade by moroccan craftsmen
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    Manufactured in a small family workshop in the city of Agadir from a quality leather using vegetal tanning, these sandals are ultra lightweight and very comfortable. They...

  • Basma slippers
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    Bring a moroccan touch to your outfit with these leather babouche slippers. They are hand stitched in a family workshop in the heart of the medina of Fez using naturally...

  • Tagnidifte slippers
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  • Atlas slippers

  • Jasmine Slippers

  • Moroccan handmade leather sandals Essaouira
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    Round toe sandals with a finely worked leather. Manufactured in a small family workshop close to the city of Essaouira, these sandals are highty comfortable, convenient and...

  • Moroccan large carpet  handmade with natural wool by Berber families
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    Originating in Taznakhte, a city considered for the quality of these carpets, this one entèrement is entèrement woven with the hand. Composed of wool of sheep and colors...

  • Tamazighte slippers

  • Atika women's babouche slippers
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  • Argan oil organic for cosmetic use 100 ml bottle
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    Cosmetic 100% natural, the oil of argan is famous to be one of the anti-wrinkle naturalness of most effective. The oil of argan in-depth réhydrate, the skin becomes...